Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let the old school rest in peace.

In another topic, my thought of their plan to rehabilitate our alma mater is not only about the reconstruction of the dilapidated wooden and paper building (though some concrete is getting visible on the ground floor).

The school was likened to an old lady who suffered from a lingering ailment that nobody cares to call a physician until after her demise two years ago. If we have to resurrect the old school from her grave, we would surely find that we are not only rising her bones from the ground, we inevitably would open also the Pandora box. I suppose that we just let the old school rest in peace. I remember how poor the school was that every year we have to paste on the wall some used white bond papers to mask the ageing walls and ceiling. Do you still remember the science project papers that ended up on the classroom walls? I could even recall the time when each student was told to bring a meter-long bamboo stick for the perimeter fence and the afternoon gathering on the grounds to pull out weeds.

The school virtually had no money for the wall painting and maintenance of the building. The building tried its best to withstand the bitterness of its physical structure with no big help coming. Not even from the patriarchs in the Catholic Church. Much more from us – the alumni. I appreciate the care you may pour upon it now. But let’s face the fact that everything for the old school now is already too late. It suffered a lot and so long from the cancer of financial distress and management crisis.

Finally, the old lady rested in peace two years ago. She deserved to finally rest in peace. Only few of its alumni knew about the old school’s Pandora box. It deserved to be buried with the school and let’s not open it again.

Should we desire to continue the good values and legacy of our alma mater, I suggest that we give birth to a new school - not Lazaru!

Photo credit: Yolanda Olaer-Callera