Monday, June 6, 2011


Long before the late Ernie Baron (monickered as the walking encyclopedia of the ABS-CBN) used to say "Knowledge is power" as his parting words (right after giving trivial information at the end of his weather report), our alma mater had inscribed it already as the motto in the school's logo. It was a seal that was not meant for nothing. Though the old school had already rested from serving Inopacnons two years ago, the message of the school's logo remains a challenge to everyone and all.

We must fully grasp and realize that indeed knowledge is power.

Value information and don't hesitate to share them with our fellow. It could be like telling a story to a dear child before the young one goes to sleep, or could be feeling like standing in front of a class of students delivering a lecture or discussing a lesson with them.

Let us not be selfish in partaking knowledge of what we learned while in our hometown, much more of information and knowledge that we got while away from Inopacan. Come and share what you know that may be useful in uplifting the awareness of our folks. In any way, share it to us all. Somehow, you could have saved one from being ignorant and contributed to the success of the sons and daughters of Inopacan, of fellow Inopacnons. Somehow that shared information and knowledge could make our place a wonderful place to stay; and its people, wonderful folks to live with. We could be among the powerfuls.

This challenge must not be only for those who just came to the portals of our alma mater. Otherwise, it is my fear that greed may create a dreaded monster within us. For sure, in every greedy monster that would exist, there would always be one who would stood as Inong Pak-an, who is wiser (and even getting wiser) to bring the monster down.

Just remember, "Knowledge is Power!"

(Note: Some old school documents show that the I.I. motto was written as Scentia et Virtus, which translate in English as "Knowledge is Strength" )