Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our tribute to those who are no longer around

I remember the message of Atty. Lope Montajes, our school Director, during our last graduation march rehearsal at the frontyard campus stage of our school. He said to us,  "Right after your graduation, you will never be complete again like you used to be in your days in high school." He told us to enjoy the very last moment of being together as one and remember that moment wherever we will be. True enough, some of us left the town days after the graduation to pursue college as there was no higher school yet in town even at present.  Others went to other places and even abroad in search for a greener pasture. While some remained to stay in our humble town.

As days went by and became months and then into years, the message of our school Director eventually became our reality. But life went on with our hearts missing lots of our high school life. The message lingered in my ears up to now - We will never be complete again like we used to be in high school.

Few months later, we were saddened by the news that one of our classmates was lost in the  tragic fate of M/V Doña Paz when it collided with an oil tanker and burst in flame in the middle of the sea on its way to Manila.  It was our first loss, and that assured the message of our school Director that we will never be complete again like what we used to be in high school.  Then, as years passed by, we lost five more in our batch.  For those who passed away and left us in this world to pursue our aspirations, dreams, and missions in life, may I request that we pay a moment of silence in memory of them . Let us offer a prayer for their eternal repose. Let this moment of silence be heard by them and the Almighty.

May they all rest in peace. Via con Dios  Elsa, Via con Dios  Orlando, Via con Dios  Eduardo, Via con Dios  Nestor, and Via con Dios  Isagani.

Yes, we will never be complete again like we used to be. But least when called after long years of being apart, please make it happen that you will come and join the gathering. Whoever will hear the blowing horn of invitation, please listen. Listen when called and follow the calling and let us be together again on that same ground. Unless you became part of the list of the departed whom we will offer and tribute the next moment of silence.